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The surfaces are chimerical, these paintings seem to suggest, shifting from opaqueness to translucence, density to lightness, reflecting all that you, as an aesthete, brings to the moment. Like looking into a river of mirrors. Capturing the movement from the outer to the inner landscape is a cliché in many ways, but for the artist, Gajanan Kabade, it was also a movement away from cliché. Art school was all about conforming to convention. If you wanted to strike out on your own, he was told, you need to do that when you leave these portals. But then he stumbled upon a catalogue of paintings by Hercules Brabazon Brabazon, a relatively obscure English artist, a painter of small-format watercolors. This chance encounter broke Gajanan's sensibilities up and rearranged it forever. It was like the bursting of a seed pod. Everything he is today, as an individual and artist, he traces back to that single incident.  Gajanan saw for the first time that a landscape could be a medium, a surface that said more than what it saw. He was particularly drawn to a painting of the Taj Mahal by Brabazon, The Gardens of the Taj.

He saw the familiar form half-hidden in an unusual angle, its sunlit whiteness shining through without the use of the color white. After leafing through that catalogue and spending a restless night tossing in his head the new possibilities he now saw, he went to the banks of the river that ran near his hometown, Miraj. He was never going to go back to what he was. He moved to Mumbai and spent the next years of his life tramping through the countryside with his easel, boards, paints and brushes, trying to capture the scenes he saw.

He wanted to isolate the treeness of a tree, not just its shapes and colors. He wanted to bring the breeze into his boards. Slowly, inevitably, the treeness began to subsume the trees and abstraction emerged. He came to abstraction the long, hard way and only when felt it was time. Somewhere along this arc, he became stuck. He couldn't bear to even look at his canvases because he no longer had anything to say through his landscapes. He spent more than a year and a half in limbo, waiting for the break through. Then, one day, on a random rickshaw ride, his eureka moment happened. He had his medium. He remembers rushing home, and then to a hardware store buying up rolls of Sellotape in the familiar black and brown colors. Sellotape, you said? Yes the same ordinary, utilitarian object that was used to conceal and bind. He layered the spools on the board and landscapes began to emerge. He had found his medium. The seed pod had burst again. As new possibilities began to find expression, his chromatic range expanded. He has spent the past 10 years exploring a new language using the most utilitarian of things. This is the first solo showing of his works - he has been part of a couple of group shows. His surfaces are here to draw us in, promising infinite possibilities. Go on, plunge into this river of mirrors.


Gajanan Ramchandra Kabade

Birth Date 21 st July 1970

• S. S. C. Miraj High School, Miraj, 1986.
• G D Art (Bachelor in fine Art, Drawing and painting) at Kala Vishwa Mahavidyalaya Sangli. 1991.
Passed in 1st class standing 2nd in order of merit with distinction in Maharashtra.
• Dip-A-Ed (Diploma in Art Education) at Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai, 1992.

Academic Teaching
Duration July 1992 – April 1993

Designation Assistant Lecturer
Responsibilities To teach Academic Syllabus at the “Roby D’Silva College of Visual Art, Vasai, Thane

Duration July 1993 – October 1996

Designation Art Teacher
Responsibility St.Louis Convent High School, four Bungalows, Andheri, Mumbai.

Duration July 1996 – April 1999

Designation Art Teacher
Responsibility Cambridge School, Thakur Complex, Kandivali, Mumbai.

Duration June 2007– February 2008

Designation Teacher: technical drawing application
Responsibility Bombay Scottish School, Andheri, Mumbai.

Software Skills Flash MX, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier, Illustrator

Employee TATA Interactive Systems, Mumbai, India.
Duration December 1999 to January 2008
Designation Graphic Designer.
From January 2008 I am working as full time painter

Awards and Exhibition
Other Awards
 Mahakoshal Kala Parishad, Raipur 1991. (Best Landscape)
 Artifice – A Group of Artists, Pune, 1991. (Best Landscape)
 State - level Art Exhibition, Sangli, 1993. (Merit Award)

Solo Show:
 TAPESTRY Jehangir Art Gallery, gallery 3, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai, 2015

Group Shows:

 ‘POSTAGE’ Artists &; Centre, Adorable House, 6, K. Dubash Marg, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai. 2017
 SILENT WINDOWS II, Gallery 7, G3, Ground Floor, Oricon House, 12/14 Rampart Row,, K Dubash Marg, Next to Kaya Skin Clinic, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai, 2014
 FLAG MARCH Mumbai art – 1, Art GATE Gallery. Churchgate Mumbai, 2013.
 CONTEMPORARY INDIAN PAINTING an exhibition organized by Garvald Center Edinburgh U.K., 2007
 Group Show at National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai, 2004
 Kala Pushpa Group Exhibition, Sangli, 2003.
 Group Show at National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai, 2000
 Group Show at `Chatak’ Monsoon Show Nehru Center, Mumbai.1996.
 Group Show at Nehru Center Art Gallery, Mumbai.1995.
 Group Show at Artists Center (Guild) Mumbai. 1992.
 Group Show at Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai. 1992.
 Group Show at Nagar Vachanalay, Sangli, 1990.

Art Workshop Attended
 Bhakti Yoga Swami Memorial Artists’ Retreat 2018 25th to 32st March at Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India.

Art Workshops Conducted
 “Trimiti” by Sahyadri School of Art, Chiplun, 1997.
 “Landscape and Drawing” for Kala Pushpa Group, Sangli, 1999.
 “Drawing Creative and Realistic” for Kala Pushpa Group Sangli, 2005.
 “Art and Architecture” for Pillai’s college of Architecture, Panvel, 2007
 “converting gravity in to design” for Pillai’s college of Architecture, Panvel, 2011

Collection of my cello tape paintings and Commissioned Work
 Mrs. Marks. Edinburgh.
 Mr. Pratap Bose
 Mr. Satheesh Dingankar
 Mrs. Sherry Vakariya
 Hotel Meluha Hiranandani, Powai, Mumbai.
 SAHARA, BKC, Mumbai
 HIRCO, Panvel.
 Knowledge Park, Hiranandani garden, Powai, Mumbai.
 NAHAR, Chandivali, Mumbai.
 Hotel Garden Court, Mumbai.
 Hotel Horizon International, Mumbai.


The surfaces are chimerical, these paintings seem to suggest, shifting from opaqueness to translucence, density to lightness, reflecting all that you, as an aesthete, brings to the moment. Like looking into a river of mirrors.

artist Gajanan Kabade

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