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Born in Nagpur, Maharashtra (24th Nov. 1962)
BFA (Painting), Nagpur University, Nagpur, 1984
MFA (Painting), Nagpur University, Nagpur, 1994

Senior Fellowship by Ministry of Culture ,N.Delhi
Awarded in Painting by SCZCC Nagpur, 2006
Awarded in Sculpture by South Central Zone Cultural CentreNagpur, 1989
Special Award, Mahakoshal Kala Parishad, Raipur, 1988
IInd Prize LKAk, N Nutan Kala Sangams Raipur, 1988
South Central Zone Cultural Center, Nagpur, 1988
Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya Annual Art Award, Nagpur, 1983
IInd Prize, Maharashtra State Art Exhibition, Mumbai, 1982

2014 Lalit Kala Academy, N.Delhi
2013 Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2011 Lalit Kala Academy, N.Delhi
2008 CISFA Art Gallery, Nagpur.
2006 Rabindra Bhawan N. Delhi
2004 Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
2004 SANVAD, Pune
2002 SCZCC, Nagpur
2001 Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

2018 Kalasrot Art Gallery, Lucknow
2018 Kalasrot Art Gallery, Lucknow
2017 Laurent Gallery, South Melbourne
2017 Taj Hotel , New Delhi
2017 India Art Festival, New Delhi
2016 Chameleon Art Gallery, Nagpur
2016 Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Mumbai
2014 Mirror Art Gallery, Aurangabad.
2014 Pioneer Art Gallery, New Delhi.
2012 Mumbai Art Fair, Mumbai.
2012 State Academy, Hyderabad.
2011 Choolamandal , Chennai.
2011 L.KAcademy , N.Delhi
2011 RED ROOM Ragini Art Gallery, N.Delhi
2011 Punjab Kala Bhavan, Chandigarh
2011 Graphic Govt College of Art , Chandigarh
2011 Nehru Centre , Mumbai
2011 NOSTALGIA L.K.Academy, Assam
2011 Gaity Theatre (Mall road), Shimla
2010 'Octave India' Museum Gallery,Mumbai.
2010 "51 Artist in India" L.K.Academy, N.Delhi
2010 "Ganesha" AIRAWAT Art Gallery ,Mum
2009 "Sacred Breath" ICON Art Gallery, Hyderabad
2008 Curetted 2 Charity Show in Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. (Mumbai Terror Attack, Nov & Dec)
2008 ART 2 DAY Gallery ,Pune
2008 Sheraton Rajputana, Jaipur
2007 Originals , Nagpur
2007 Art Fusion Show , Nehru Centre , Mumbai
2007 ARTEXPO , New York , USA
2007 Kala Ghoda Association , Mumbai
2006-2007 Time & Space Gallery, Bangalore
2006 L.K.A. Rabindra Bhawan, New Delhi
2005 Ravindra Nath Tagore Art Gallery, Nagpur
2005 Kala Ghoda Association, Mumbai
2005 Durbar Hall, Kochi (Kerala)
2005 Octave at Y.M.C.A., Shimla
2005 Ravindra Nath Tagore Art Gallery, Nagpur
2005 Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai
2005 Fine Art Museum, Punjab University, Chandigarh
2004 Octave at Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi
2003 Karnataka Kala Mela, Bangalore
2003 Fine Art Museum, Punjab Univ. Chandigarh
2002 Octave at Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi
2000 First Impression, New Millennium Jehangir, Mumbai.
2000 Revolution-2000, Jehangir, Mumbai.
1997 Nehru Centre, Mumbai.
1997 Golden India, Jehangir, Mumbai.
1996 Nehru Centre, Mumbai.
1994 Y.B. Chavan Art Gallery, Mumbai.
1992 Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.
1992 Information Centre, Nagpur.
1992 Vidarbha Sahitya Sangh, Nagpur.


2018 National festival by LKAcademi, N.Delhi at Patni top, J&K.
2018 Organized by South Central Zone Cultural Centre , Nagpur in Khajuraho.
2018 Art Motivation, Manali
2018 International Graphic Art Camp, Khairagarh
2017 MGM Eye Institute, Raipur
2012 Manav Sangrahalay, Bhopal.
2012 All India Heritage Painting Camp, Jammu.
2012 Senior Artist Camp (IIFACS), N.Delhi
2010 Camp by Mr.Kapoor,Kasauli (H.P)
2009 National Graphic Camp,Baroda (L.K.Academy)
2008 Senior Artist Camp, Hyderabad
2008 Kala Shruti Chitra Shilpa Sangrahalay, Latur
2007 Art Fesival,Agartala,by L.K.Academy,N.Delhi
2006 Kalavishkar at S. G. National Park, Mumbai
2006 Art Mall Badog Himachal Pradesh.
2005 Octave at Y.W.C.A. Shimla
2005 Jawaharlal Darda Art Foundation, Nagpur
2004 9th National Art Festival Kalavart Nyas Ujjain
2004. J & K Jammu University Museum
2003-2004 All India Camp by J & K Academy at Mansar
1997 Organized by Mudra Foundation, Pune
1996 Organized by South Central Zone Cultural Centre . Nagpur in Jabalpur, M.P

2017 Jury, Bombay Art Society, Mumbai
2009 National Jury , Lalit Kala Academy , Lucknow
2005 Organized by Octave India Fine Art Museum, Chandigarh
1999 South Central Zone Cultural Centre, Nagpur
1988-1990-2004 National Exhibition by Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi
1994 National Integration & Communal Harmony
1993 Vidarbha Sahitya Sangh, Nagpur

National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi
South Central Zone Cultural Centre, Nagpur
J & K Academy of Art, Cultural & Languages, Centre for Creative Arts, Jammu.
Jammu University Museum J & K.
Vision Nasik

Private Collections in India & abroad.

2015 Fund raising show for Nepal Earthquake victims at Jawaharlal Darda Art Gallery, Nagpur.
2008 Curetted 2 Charity Show in Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. (Mumbai Terror Attack, Nov & Dec)
2001 Painting series on Bhuj Earthquake,Gujarat
1994 Marbat Festival Documentary in Nagpur
1994 Govari Stampede Wall Painting (300 x 8), Nagpur
1993 Killari Earthquake Documentary
1993 Street Wall Painting Exhibition, National Integration & Communal Harmony, Nagpur
1993 Hinganghat Communal Harmony at Kabit Samaroh, Hinganghat, Maharashtra
1992 National Integration & Communal Harmony (canvas) at Nagpur
1992 Painting series on Mowad Floods in Vidarbha, MS
1992 Mowad Flood Documentary

Freelance Artist


The inherent talks within its elements in Nature, its expressions manifested in varied forms, are its embedded code of its eternal presence. The subtle talk’s of these elements, one can hear and feels only when the thinking cortex of brain webbed in its logical barometers is subdued, or you he misses its presence in the present. “We often misses the Natures songs”… expounds Raghu, who is working in closet of nature, in vicinity of jungles, or remote villages, where Life is in harmony with Nature, with no man- animal- nature conflicts….!
The richness of living in the ambit of Nature , by itself is an abstraction, with your Canvass opening all the possibilities to explore the unexplored, immersing your hues of compositions, undivided & integrals …as Raghu experiments these possibilities in his creation of works in his abstracts.. The quest to explore its deeply entrenched “code of Nature” and its presence, in his abstractions of compositions are seamless in its appearance, his efforts to unravel the mystique, which led his search to an answer….Leave…!
His self- realizations to leave the clinch of the “inkling of search”, paved his way to be in unison with nature and its eternity. Leaving his proximity to search, rather to be in total dissolution with Nature, absorbed his inquisitive yearning, transcending cliche of creations in simpler propositions of “talks of nature” he quietly renders in the sublime strokes on his Canvas. Mustering the valor of his “applications” to just making dissipate to render into a tone of simplification, answering what he learns from the “talks of Nature” is what his each Canvass beholds.
Raghu effortlessly attunes his experiences of the subtle eternal changes in nature etched, in dispersed aura of immersed forms of his compositions, rolled in niche of his elations, tangible to your conscious elements of queries, and quotient of contentment’s. Nature and its profound impact on our values and our existences, our inter connectivity’s with every single being, had a reason of Life, and this very law of Nature, in a way in his own considerate style, Raghu in his deciphers his conducts to pay his humble reverences to the eternal truth of Nature and adore its beautiful, change in his varying hues on his Canvas.

artist Raghu Neware

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36.0'' Inch X 72.0'' Inch



At Artenthuse, we believe that the right to art is universal. Everybody deserves a great piece of artwork. Sometimes to add joy to their life, Sometimes to own a little bit of history. Because we know that to be in touch with art is to not lose your roots, to stay close to your culture. And today, with rapid evolution of tech in life, clash of cultures, adapting to changing times without losing touch is key. And art is one of the best expressions of culture every invented.

We offer works on rent to strengthen your belief in the art world or art as a credible vehicle of investment. Once you are satisfied, you can purchase the art.



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