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Sandesh Khule was born in Karmala, Maharashtra on 9th September 1983. He received Diploma in Drawing and Painting from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune in 2004. He achieved several awards in various art competitions such as, Maharashtra State Art Award,The Bombay Art Society, Camlin Art Foundation and several other accolades. His work also exhibited in Lalit Kala Akademi, National Art Exhibition, 2008 and 2014.
After completing of his Diploma in Drawing and Painting he got selected for the Euro Tour to visit Art Galleries, Studios and Museums in Europe, offered by Camlin Art Foundation.
After returning from Europe he found himself to be rather more serious about his art practice than ever before. In 2005, Sandesh went to Ellora to live and study there and he bears a great impact of it in his work. He experiments in his work through the colour, texture and peace which drifts through the carved stones as an energy. In 2006-07, Sandesh was selected for research grant by National Lalit Kala Akademi Delhi at Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai. With guidance of eminent artist RMPalaniappan, Sandesh practiced there for two years and that helped him to
enhance his thoughts towards his own conception about his practice.
In 2008, he put up his debut solo show at Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, titled "Between C and P".After this show in 2008,Sandesh got a Scholarship of young artist offered by Ministry of Culture, Government of India. During this entire journey he kept himself curious to get engaged in the Indian culture and tradition. Hence he traveled a lot in India to gain various experiences. The outcome of the thirst, he went to Banaras in 2010 and lived there. He had conversations with local people and saw the rituals taking place around very closely. Thereafter he came to Mumbai, worked for an interim period and returned to his home town Karmala.
Sandesh pursued his work in a pensive mood at his hometown for his second solo show at Jahangir Art Gallery in 2012. It was very crucial decision for him to do a whole show in Black and White colors.


Sandesh Khule

Some of the important shows he has participated include:

2018- Tao Art Gallery Presents, “No Corners” 18th Anniversary Show, Mumbai.
2018- Gallery Art Zolo Presents, at India Art Festival, Mumbai.
2017- Gallery Art Zolo Presents, at India Art Festival, New Delhi.
2017-One Man Show ‘The Pursuit of Energy’ at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai,
2015-Po10tial presents " Black and White " at Artist Centre, Mumbai,
2014- Again Po10tial displayed his work at Art Gate Gallery,Mumbai,
2015- The Beyond Gallery, Mumbai presented" the 377191 wall",
2014- Pune Art Biennale,
2012-One Man Show ‘Black & White’at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai,
2012- Art Family 5 presented 'Life On Wall' an international art show at Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata.
2012- RaviJain Annual' organised by Dhoomimal Art Gallery,
2008-One Man Show ‘Between C and P’ at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai,
2007- Exhibition of mini print international of Cadaques ,Spain, France and

Charity Shows:
2018- ‘Khushii’ presents "The Art Stories", New Delhi.
2018- ‘Edelweiss Palette’18’ New Delhi.
2017- ‘Cry’ Presents ‘Come Share my World’ at Mumbai.
2015-Lokmangal Annapurna Yojana for helpless senior citizens at JehangirArt
Gallery, Mumbai.
2011-"Art of Living" for Cancer Aids and Research Foundation in association
with Airawat art gallery presentedat Coomarswamy Gallery, Mumbai.
2011- CPAA's art exhibition “Colours of Life", at Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai,
2009- For Samvedna Trust of Sahyadri Hospital, Pune.

2017-2019 - Government of India, Ministry of Culture.

Sandesh Khule lives and works in Mumbai since 2012.


Sacred geometry inherent in the universe is the primary source of inspiration for my works as a painter. This inspiration is coupled with the philosophy originating from my personal experiences of my native culture and the mysterious ways in which the Nature functions. Thus I am drawn to abstraction forming a fundamental part of my pictorial practice and search for the genesis of the cosmos.

In Indian tradition source of energy is metaphorically referred as goddess .i.e. female form of genesis. I adhere to this source of energy as my prime idea of representation in my paintings, in an abstract manner portraying the yoni - female organ for reproduction. In order to convey my idea of this energy I use an impasto technique of applying the pigment that not only enhances the colour but the reverberance created as the visual effect. However the three dimensional effect enlivens through the study of the ancient Ellora caves of India.

The simplified forms in my works bear significance, as I believe in basic geometry to be very influential to create impacting subject. Lyrical forms tend to distract the direct perception and hence I avoid decorative elements in my compositions.
I am a seeker of the cosmogeny through the visual synthesis. The mystery behind all the reproduction always mesmerizes me with numerous narratives and myths. The world is present before us in its bounties with only partial comprehension through human mind and rational world.

The ancient Indic ‘Purana’, ‘Vedas’ impart the knowledge of genesis in multiple ways followed in a matriarchal tradition for generations together. My short span of stay in Chennai gave me lot of subject to paint and to solve the mystery behind the evolution of life. The cultural insignia in Chennai made me curious to understand the nitty-gritty’s of the regional practices of the women, especially their gesture of wearing white bindi and draped in multi coloured sari, jewellery and bunch of flowers. This led my search to the sculptures and paintings of Ellora Caves where I found the representation of life in its multitudes. Hence my works are the extension to my inquisitiveness for cosmogony.

artist Sandesh Khule

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