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Siddhesh Rane works in several mediums. His interest is in abstract paintings and he loves to do experimental work as well.

Siddhesh displays his abstract set of paintings which reflect his effort and dedication to art.
An unusual use of colours and rare strokes constitute his art. His paintings are vibrant, alive and aesthetically flawless.


Siddhesh Rane

DOB: 10 October 1984

Educational Qualification:

2008: Foundation Course From Model Art Institute.(Dadar)
2008: Gd Art Diploma (Painting) From L.S. Raheja School Of Art. Bandra

Solo Shows:

2013: Solo Painting Exhibition At Pradarshak Art Gallery.

Group Shows:

2005: Student Artist Show At Pradarshak Art Gallery.
2006: Student Artist Show At Pradarshak Art Gallery
2007: Student Artist Show At Pradarshak Art Gallery
2008: Young Artist Show At Pradarshak Art Gallery
2013: International Art Exhibition At Gallery One


2006: Camlin Art Exhibition
2006: Bombay Art Society
2008: Art Society Of India Exhibition
2012: Affordable Art Fair At Artic Vision Art Gallery


2012: Creation Group. Mumbai (Work Shop By Prabhaker Kolte )


2007: Portrait Of The Year In L.S. Raheja School Of Art.


Hong Kong
Delhi and Many More.


Siddhesh is a young artist, who has been diligently honing his skills as a fine artist over the last 10 plus years.
Articulate, simple and dedicated, his interest lies purely in colours and their juxtaposition in his imagery. Unpredictable forms, surface levels, depths,
lines, textures are all part of his paintings that are non-representational, vibrant, and tend to connect with the aesthetic aspirations of the viewer.

Spontaneity is a strong characteristic with the artist. A free spirited approach to his canvas sees the artist work as deftly with the brush as with a
palette knife or roller; or even with unpredictable materials like the sole of his slippers, as fancy would take him!

As the artist and his canvas get further embroiled in their deft strokes build on layers, some remove and destroy them, recreating unpredictable shapes,
textures and colour combinations. In this, multiple layers of depth and mystery are established carefully maintaining the colour, temperature, shapes and balance of the composition.

artist Siddhesh Rane

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12.0'' Inch X 36.0'' Inch


22.0'' Inch X 30.0'' Inch


14.0'' Inch X 20.0'' Inch


22.0'' Inch X 30.0'' Inch



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