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“A conscientious artist who wishes to highlight and address issues relevant to our times through his art, Anirban Seth also comes across as a man of exceptional creative talent. Continuous experimentation with the medium of art has led him to master the art of Painting on ‘Leather’ and ‘Vellum’, a surface demanding a high degree of expertise end technical perfection for colors to be applied and remain clearly visible.. Done by tanning raw hide and then painting on it, Seth uses the tips of his fingers as a brush, smearing color on leather to create images from life aid nature, spirituality and rationality. Often embellishing his art with gold and silver foil, he generates startling visual effects, portraying natural beauty and emotional experiences with equal ease. Seth’s innovations on texture also include batik work and stenciling for embossing and relief effects, creating a unique pictorial language. His works is a splendid tribute to this painstaking yet immensely pleasing mode of expression in which he excels.”

Born in the year 1976, a first class graduate & master degree holder From Government College of Art & Craft,Calcutta University,started painting when he was 16 years and has been doing so still now. Drawing inspiration is reflected in his Twenty One special awards & Twenty solo exhibitions along with various invited group shows in different galleries all over India & abroad. He is a member of Kolkata Canvas, Bombay Art Society”,“Guinness World records” London U.K., Picasso Mio- Florida,USA etc.


Anirban Seth

One Man Shows:

2016-Hotel Leela Palace(Mumbai), Pradarshak Art gallery(Mumbai).
2015 – Chemould Art Gallery, HOTEL OBEROY, Mumbai.
2014 - HOTEL TAJ [ Taj Bengal, Kolkata ] ,GATEWAY Hotel [Kolkata]
2012 - The Eye Within & Indian masterpainters presents “Nature & Environment”,
2009- Bodhi Tree- Monastery of Art,
2005– Gallery Kolkata,
2004 – The residence of U.S. Consulate,Kolkata.
2003-Birla Academy of Art & Culture..etc…

Duet Shows:
2010-Jehanjir Art Gallery [Mumbai].
2010-Alliance Francaise[ Pondicherry ],
2008-Nandan-The Art Paradise[Mumbai]
2005-Gallery Sanskriti-City Centre.etc…,

Invited Group Exhibitions:
2017 – ContemporaryArtGallery GORKY SADAN organized by Youth Guild for Friendship, Russian Centre of Science and Culture [ RUSSIAN CONSULATE CENTRE, KOLKATA], Mindscape,Gandhi Art Gallery [New Delhi] by RASRANG ARTS.
2016 – Metanoia Gallery [Paris, France ] present “A SINGLE GRAIN OF RICE 2016” (Un Seul Grain De Riz 2016) International paintings exhibition from December 19, 2016 – January 7, 2017.
2016- Invited : “Indo + Bangla” Painting exhibition of Masters & Contemporary artists at Russian Cultural Centre [Dhaka], Bangladesh.
2016- National Exhibition of Art 2016, Lalit Kalakshetra, Raviraj College of Fine Arts, Coimbatore Art Foundation, [Tamil Nadu]at “Contemplate Art Gallery”, Beslan School Tragedy at GORKY SADAN organized by Youth Guild for Friendship & Russian Centre of Science and Culture [kol] , ‘The Art Hub’at Atria Mall,Worli, by ICAC [International Creative Art Centre] Mumbai, “World Wide Art Movement”,Kerala art gallery, KOCHI, KARALA, “Sallam Talengana - II” ,Hyderabad state art gallery, by Tellangana Govt[Hydrabad], The Leela Palace,[Bangalore] by India Arts & Gems Fair(IAGF 2016), “Tilak Smarak Mandir” Lokmanya TilakArtExhibition [PUNE], Chatrapati Shivaji Bastu Sangrahashala (Mesuam) by “Artspread” [Mumbai], ICCR Gallery[Kol], Altamira Art Gallery[Kol], Nazrultirtha Art Gallery[Kol].
2014 - “Show of Award winner” by Birla Academy of Art & Culture, “Art Fair’’ Ganges Art Gallery,Academy of Fine Arts, “Show of 100 contemporary artist” by Chemould Gallery, Gaganendra Gallery.
2012 - Academy of Fine Arts, Chamould Gallery,Gaganendra Art Gallery, Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Ruki Mahal (Kailash Parbat), Mumbai.
2011- Moksha Art Gallery ( Mumbai ),Artists’ Centre Art gallery [Mumbai]
2010 – “Reading Contemporary Art Fair 2010”--Rivermead Leisure Centre [U.K.] by Barland art gallery.
2010 -Academy of Fine Arts, Bangladesh gallery, Gallery-79 etc..

2009 -Royal Academy, London [UK],Sahiilart gallery[Mumbai], Nehru Center{Mumbai); Ashoka Hotel{Bangalore}, The Attic {New Delhi], The Oberoi (New Delhi). Shree Art Gallery, Tejas Art Gallery, Ganges Art Gallery (Kolkata), Artists’Centre [Mumbai].
2008 –Moksha Art Gallery (Mumbai). Indusvista Art Gallery (Mumbai). Chitrakoot Art Gallery.
2007- PEGASUS ART GALLERY(Hyderabad),
The Eye Within & Taj Bengal, Kanvas Art Gallery,SpandanArt Gallery,Artists Circle Art Gallery,Masters Collection
Art Gallery (Kolkata)etc.

2006 -World Trade Centre, Jakarta [INDONESIA]. “ART WORLD” & “ Sarala's Art International”
(Chennai), Gallery Joie & Lalit Kala Akademy [New Delhi], The Museum Gallery [Mumbai] etc…..

AWARDS / ACHIEVEMENTS / SCHOLARSHIPS: Received 21 awards including –

• 2018- West Bengal State Award for painting from Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation (Kalanand-2018) with award money (Fellowship).
• 2018- Certificate of Merit by Progressive Artist’s Group – [ Platinum Jubilee National Award-2017] in Drawing.
• 2017 - Silver Medal award by Rang sang online art competition.
• 2017 - Certificate of Merit by ‘Bindaas Artist Group’, First place in top 100 Selected artist from all over India.
• 2016 - National Award 2016, Lalit Kalakshetra, Coimbatore Art Foundation,Tamil Nadu.

• 2016 - Miniature Award by Colours Land Art Academy[ Kolkata],
• 2016 - All India National Award(Gold Medal)by Agnipath Art Society [ New Delhi],
• 2016 - Honorable Mention Award by Manab Jamin [ Kolkata],
• 2016 - Certificate of Merit by Altamira Art Gallery with medal.
• 2015- Miniature Award by Colours Land Art Academy[ Kolkata],
• 2014- Mridula Lunker Award-2014 by “ICAC Gallery” [International Contemporary Art Centre, Mumbai].
• 2014- Colours Land Art Academy awarded Certificate of Excellence.
• 2012- “Jury Award” All India [National Label] Art Exhibition Awarded by Birla Academy of Art & Culture , Kolkata.
• 2004- Bronze Medal Awarded by Avantika International (Regional Art Exhibition) Kolkata.
• 2004 - Merit Certificate from American Centre by “The Kolkata International Womens Club” & Lee Alison Siblee “ U.S. Consulate”, Kolkata.
• 2004- Certificate of Merit from E.Z.C.C. (Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India).
• 2004- West Bengal State Academy Award (Collaboration with Lalit Kala Akademy, New Delhi) From Rabindra Bharati University(RBU),with award money.
• 2003- Oriental Art Society Award.
• 2003- Merit Certificate from Avantika International (Regional Art Exhibition) Kolkata.
• 2001- Festum First Award, Dr. R. Ahmed Dental College, Kolkata.
• 2001- Govt. Art College Award from Govt. College of Art & Craft , Kolkata .
• 2001- Prestigious Camlin Art Foundation, East Zone Award, (Professional Category) Kolkata, with award money.
• 2000- ‘Outstanding Young Person First Award ’(Festum), Dr. R. Ahmed Dental College, Kolkata.

# appreciation letter from “GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS”, London. U.K.[MembershipNumber:24492,Claim ID: 32422]


Jehanjir Art Gallery [Mumbai], Lee-Alison Sibley[U.S. Consul general ],Moni Ratnam [Eminent Film Director,], Ravi Suria {NewYork, USA}, Art World(Chennai),Aurodhan Art Gallery(Pondichery), Tata Steel, Emami Limited, Marble Palace (Kolkata), British Deputy High Commission & Many Private, Corporate & Institutional collections, Like – India & Abroad[ like- USA, UK, CANADA, PARIS, GERMANY, RUSSIA, HONGKONG, SPAIN, SINGAPORE, THAILAND,BANGLADESH, JAKARTA etc].


Anirban has been painting for the last 25 years. He creates graphic and structural uniformity on canvas through the play of light & shade. His paintings are basically a judicious mix of the abstract and realistic forms. His thoughts stem from unique imagination, which combines the real natural world with the artistic and creative world. He finds modernism on canvas with the help old mythological art . He expresses graphic and cutout form through mythological series with remarkable uses of colors to depict the unknown mysteries in the natural world. His many collections bring out his natural creative talent and total love for art. He paints with acrylic colors on canvas & Water Color on acid free paper.

artist Anirban Seth

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At Artenthuse, we believe that the right to art is universal. Everybody deserves a great piece of artwork. Sometimes to add joy to their life, Sometimes to own a little bit of history. Because we know that to be in touch with art is to not lose your roots, to stay close to your culture. And today, with rapid evolution of tech in life, clash of cultures, adapting to changing times without losing touch is key. And art is one of the best expressions of culture every invented.

We offer works on rent to strengthen your belief in the art world or art as a credible vehicle of investment. Once you are satisfied, you can purchase the art.



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