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Note : Our artist Nirupama is an educationist by profession. After about 20 years of teaching in Public schools, She opened a school, in Unnao Dist in Vill Kusheri located on the Lucknow Kanpur Highway for children from the nearby villages who are deprived of good education. She was honored by Honourable Shri Ramnath Kovind ( President of India) the then Governor of Bihar.

The Tales Of Ancient Mithila Artwork

Note : About Mithila Paintings, not just an art or a Painting Its a Culture and that the uniqueness of this art which makes Women also stand in front of the world and show their Culture and Tradition through their Paintings or artwork. Read More..

Nostalgia Of Steam Locomotives By Kishore Pratim Biswas

Note : For years, I woke up at midnight and started painting impromptu. I still find that very gratifying. - Meet Kishore Pratim Biswas, India’s upcoming expressionist independent artist. Kishore’s 15-year journey in modern contemporary art movement has not only strengthened his unconventional thought process, but architected his painting style too. Born in Kolkata, 42 year-old Kishore was passionate about art since childhood. After graduating in Fine Arts from Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata, 1996. Kishore spent some struggling years in his hometown and then moved to Mumbai in 2009.

Mother's Day Special - Flat 25% Off

Note : This Mothers Day, treat the most important women in your life with something special. Shop with us!

Catching Storm - Online Art Exhibition By Saheba Singh

Note : The artist, Saheba Singh, developed a love for this medium in college and was completely taken in by how versatile charcoal can be. That, and the fact that, black is her favourite colour, helped too! Horse riding has been a passion since childhood so her love for horses is evident in this series.

Retrace Your Childhood

Note : Artist Ramchandra Pokale manages to resonate that chord of happiness that comes with sitting on a swing, be it in the cradle of infancy, the childhood thrills of swinging on a school gate, the sheer abandon of gripping a swaying branch for an impromptu joyride, or a pensive moment of adolescent yearning for romantic love, cadenced on a swing. Through his varied depictions of human forms in swinging movements, Pokale seems to get to the source of the creative expression, where each work in its painterly richness has an underbelly of continuity, meditation, insightfulness and reflection on the power of small things to invoke joyousness in the human soul.

Diwali Sale

Note : Diwali Sale

Freedom Sale

Note : Independence Day Flash Sale

Ganesh Chaturthi Sale

Note : Ganesh Chaturthi Sale

In Pursuit Of Peace

Note : Madhumita Bhattacharya uses Buddha as the primary subject as that means serenity to her. She first created a splash into the industry with a group show in Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata in 2007. She will be participating in India Art Festival in November this year in Mumbai. She has a Solo Show coming up in Nehru Centre AC Gallery in 2017.


At Artenthuse, we believe that the right to art is universal. Everybody deserves a great piece of artwork. Sometimes to add joy to their life, Sometimes to own a little bit of history. Because we know that to be in touch with art is to not lose your roots, to stay close to your culture. And today, with rapid evolution of tech in life, clash of cultures, adapting to changing times without losing touch is key. And art is one of the best expressions of culture every invented.

We offer works on rent to strengthen your belief in the art world or art as a credible vehicle of investment. Once you are satisfied, you can purchase the art.



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