What Are Art Rentals?

The idea is to ensure that art is out for the world to enjoy. Because Art is meant to Breather. We plan on achieving this through simple art rentals. In other words, instead of purchasing art at an astronomical price you rent it. And rotate it at your wish.

Why should you care?

India is not longer that recently liberalised country. Today, we have swashbuckling offices. And yet, our culture is an inherent part of who we are. Reflect a little of that through a painting. Or you can send messages to your team through paintings. As, adding a little bit of joy, always makes a happier workforce.


How Does It Work?

You select, we ship!
Yes, its as simple as that. Go by our theme-based selections or go by our artists, you can pick the works you want and we will ship them in fifteen days time.


Customer Speak:

We have rented art from Ardizen for more than a year. Beautiful artworks deck our walls for four months and then they change by themselves. Its a very pain free process and we have enjoyed works from different themes for a long period of time. – Karl De Borger, CEO, Antwerp Diamond Bank.